Who are we?

Lately, online schools for free learners have been sprouting one after another, like mushrooms after the rain in autumn. Everyone is trying to reorient themselves and find themselves anew. But then, what makes Favorite Place/ Lugar Favorito so unique among all these online schools?
For one, Favorite Place has been around not since recently, but for almost 5 years! In fact, it was established in Germany already in October 2018. Now it has a second location, and it’s in Spain!

On the other hand, is Favorite Place/ Lugar Favorito is not simply an online school or any other online platform for free learners. No. Favorite place/ Lugar Favorito is an association! It is an association that has its focus on the mental well-being. At the association “Lieblingsplatz/ Lugar Favorito” there are various courses and services that are offered as part of a unique
recovery concept
not only for free learners, but for all people who have the psychological burdens, the chronic illnesses or a disability, for people who, among other things, are looking for recovery support in addition to their psychotherapy. In summary: The association “Favorite Place/ Lugar Favorito” is for all people who want to gently and lovingly find themselves again.

Recovery support and free learning – what do they have to do with each other?

In this day and age, one is born into this world free and self-determined. But so
as it often is in life, it unfolds differently. It starts with parental education
(beliefs, imprinting, rules and prohibitions), through school to working life. We
catch you, pick you up where you are and accompany you to a self-determined life.

Learning and living. We support adults, families, parents and their children. Even if the
mental well-being has suffered, we will rebuild it together and strengthen you again.
With us you will find your own individual way.

The advantages with us

Be accompanied and learn from home

Accompaniment and learning can take place in the familiar private sphere in difficult cases.


Design yourself

Self and co-decide on one’s own unfolding for one’s own individual life.


Contemporary communication

The interaction at eye level is possible flexibly on site, online or in private.

Courses online and on site

The courses and other services are based on individual needs.


We encourage the adults and the children in such a targeted way that they dare to develop their independence, self-esteem and self-confidence all by themselves.


Possibility to apply for up to 4 weeks of recovery support in harmony with nature in the form of camping

Our focus

With us, each individual person is the focus of his or her development process. In this way, people decide for themselves how they want to develop. We offer loving and appreciative support to each individual in order to overcome any difficulties. And all this with heart at eye level!

  • Eye level
  • Humanity
  • Mental well-being

Here is your first step to your recovery companionship

Click here for our registration form. If you are still undecided or need further information, we are of course also available for general inquiries!