Nicole - Board Association Lugar Favorito


Board of Directors


Expert by experience in health care
from 21.06.2019-13.09.2020
at the Palatinate Hospital for Psychiatry and Neurology…

Remote seminar
with the theme of wellness application

We are looking for interns

Hello dear learning facilitators with experience in self-directed learning.

We are looking for reinforcement of our team and to offer the little souls even more support and strength, reinforcement You already accompany your own child for some time in the subject of learning support, self-directed learning in homeschooling and still looking for a task in life for yourself, like e.g. godfather? Or you are over 16, even with free-learning, learning without pressure and coercion, grown up and would like to start an internship with us? Then send your application documents to us.

Here is your first step to your recovery companionship

Click here for our registration form. If you are still undecided or need further information, we are of course also available for general inquiries!